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Riding one’s bicycle has become an excellent way of avoiding traffic while simultaneously benefitting from exercise and enjoying the wonderful outdoors. Here in Connecticut, cyclists have many options of riding through hills and mountains, along the forests and seashores, and through quaint towns and contemporary cities. Biking also saves a lot of energy and gas, while contributing to reserving our natural resources.

Unfortunately, despite all these advantages, cyclists have been facing many more risks due to motorists’ carelessness on streets and highways. By refusing to share the road or take precautions with cyclists, many motorists have caused severe or even fatal accidents. When you have succumbed to a horrible collision from someone else’s negligence, rely on our bicycle accident attorneys in Middlebury to defend your case. Here at Griffin Injury Law, LLC, you can count on our team to aggressively fight for the recompense you deserve following a severe biking collision.

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Connecticut Bike Laws

Enacted October 1, 2008 Connecticut bicycle law states that motorists must leave at least three feet of space when passing or overtaking a cyclist while on the road. Motorists who fail to leave adequate room could receive a fine. This law can be found at Connecticut General Statute Section 14-232.

Your Rights as a Cyclist in Connecticut

What many motorists in Connecticut do not seem to realize is that bicyclists who are sharing the roads and streets have the exact same rights and duties as those driving motorized vehicles. Many drivers act as if they own the road, and show carelessness for cyclists, when they should be giving at least 3 feet of space whenever passing someone on a bicycle. When drivers are careless of such laws, they often cause dangerous accidents to occur. Some of the ways that automobile drivers might cause collisions include:

  • Driving while being distracted by using mobile phones or a GPS navigation system
  • Breaking traffic laws, such as running stop signs or red lights
  • Failing to yield the right of way to bicyclists sharing the road
  • Failing to check intersections when turning at lights or changing lanes

Proving Liability for Recompense of Your Injuries

In order to receive the recompense you deserve after a terrible biking accident, it is crucial to demonstrate that the driver was negligent or careless in their operation of their vehicle. Drivers have a duty of care to anyone else on the road, and this includes cyclists as well as other motorists. If a motorist breached their duty to safely drive their vehicle, our attorneys are ready to demonstrate this issue in front of a Connecticut court.

This is why it is so crucial to take careful notes and keep detailed records and photos of both the accident itself and any injuries you suffered. The more evidence that can be displayed in front of the court, the more likely you will be successful in receiving financial support for your personal injury case.

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You should not have to suffer alone after such a traumatic incident. Instead, trust in the extensive experience of our entire team at Griffin Injury Law, LLC to support you during this time of need. Our bicycle accident lawyers in Middlebury are devoted to making sure that our clients get maximum aid to help them get back on their feet and live life as normal after a disastrous cycling incident.

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