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Recovering Millions for Injured Victims and Their Families

While bus accidents are typically not as common as some other kinds of accidents, they are usually extremely severe when they occur because of the vehicle’s large size and inability to properly brake in time. As a result, victims who have suffered tremendous injuries and emotional, mental, and physical trauma usually have to pay costly medical bills, as well as make up for long periods of lost income. You should not have to face these debilitating consequences on your own. Instead, rely on our devoted bus accident attorneys in Middlebury to make a powerful case on your behalf.

Causes of Devastating Bus Accidents

Because buses are a different kind of automobile than the average car, the causes of accidents involving these large vehicles tend to vary from those involving smaller motorized vehicles. Even if the bus driver is paying attention to the traffic signals and properly utilizing safe driving practices, many things could go wrong, resulting in a devastating accident that injures (or even kills) multiple victims. Since these cases can quickly become very complex, it is crucial to have dedicated, knowledgeable lawyers to support you in making your claim.

Some common reasons why a bus accident in Connecticut might occur include:

  • Exhaustion on the part of the bus driver from operating the vehicle for multiple hours
  • Losing control of the bus on account of severe conditions of weather
  • Distractions on the road or intersections
  • Parts of the bus that are defective or malfunctioning
  • Distractions coming from within the bus from the passengers

Severe Bus Accident Injuries

Being involved in any automobile accident is a traumatic incident. However, if you have been a victim of a bus accident, you are much more likely to face terrible injuries, since these massive vehicles are not able to brake as quickly when a sudden obstacle appears or when something in the bus malfunctions. Passengers on a bus can include vulnerable children and the elderly, but regardless of the riders’ age, everyone may pay a horrific price if the bus is involved in a collision.

In such scenarios, we have witnessed victims suffering from multiple injuries such as broken or fractured bones, damaged internal organs, lacerations and abrasions, spinal cord lesions, and brain damage. Our attorneys are ready to demonstrate how the pain and suffering you have experienced are so extensive that it is crucial for you to receive financial recompense from the negligent party.

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Holding All Parties Liable for Your Injuries

Bus drivers are responsible to care for each and every passenger. If they have failed on account of distraction, negligence, or reckless driving, they must be held accountable for injuring the lives and health of all passengers on board. Sometimes, however, even the most careful bus driver cannot know when there is a hidden internal problem with one of the vehicle’s parts.

In this case the automotive manufacturers may be the parties liable for causing an accident because they did not properly check for malfunctioning parts. No matter who is ultimately responsible, you can be sure that our devoted bus accident attorneys in Middlebury are ready to defend your cause with determination and aggression.

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