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On account of the growing amount of traffic in Connecticut, more and more inhabitants are turning to ride-sharing options such as Lyft, Uber, or other taxi transportation choices. While carpooling may be better for the environment, using these particular modes of transport has been riskier as of late. This is because Lyft and Uber drivers receive more pay for delivering more rides, which often means that drivers might push the speed laws or recklessly disobey traffic rules just to deliver more passengers at a rapid rate.

Such haste could lead to tragic accidents, particularly when large ride-sharing companies do not always require the highest standards of training and experience. Do not hesitate to call Griffin Injury Law, LLC when you have suffered from such negligence. You can rely on our ride-sharing accident attorneys in Middlebury to fight aggressively to obtain the justice you deserve.

Comprehensive Compensation for Injuries Following an Uber, Lyft, or Ride-sharing Accident

While many people know that they can obtain some form of compensation for physical injuries, few know just how broad and extensive that aid can actually be. You can trust our knowledgeable attorneys to find out about all the support you are eligible for to help alleviate your pain and suffering, whether physical, mental, or emotional.

Some examples of damages that you could be compensated for include:

  • Costs of hospitalization, surgery, treatment, medicine, x-rays, and any other kind of medical treatment
  • Bills for rehabilitation and therapy, as well as counseling for emotional and mental trauma
  • Compensation to cover your salary or wages lost while being unable to work
  • Future costs covering your lost income, particularly if you were let go from your job due to the accident
  • Repairs of personal property damaged in the collision

Contact us now at (860) 390-5767 because Griffin Injury Law, LLC is ready to help you gain the justice you deserve after a terrible accident.

How Our Lawyers Can Help After a Ride-Sharing Accident

When it comes to determining who is liable after a collision in any vehicle, it can be difficult figuring out whose insurance covers what amount of damage. This is exponentially more challenging when one of the vehicles involved is an automobile for a ride-sharing service like Lyft or Uber. These companies often refuse to communicate in person or use automatic email responses that are not helpful in establishing your claim.

Moreover, such companies want to offer the minimum amount of coverage so as not to lose money. They will attempt to push the blame onto you so your insurance company will be forced to pay. Since your own insurance company will try to pay the minimum as well, this move can in turn cost you thousands of dollars as you have to cover the remaining balance – when in reality, you should be recompensed for your suffering.

It can feel like you are trapped on all sides, when you should simply be trying to rest and recuperate from a traumatic accident. Thankfully, our compassionate ride-sharing accident lawyers in Middlebury are ready to stand by you. Here at Griffin Injury Law, LLC, our dedicated attorneys are determined to demonstrate your right to compensation.

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